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Naughty Erotica Barcelona | Naughty Travels

Naughty Travels: Barcelona

True Sex Stories Based on Sienna Sinclaire's Travels

Barcelona is an amazing city full of beauty, breathtaking beaches, exotic, sexy people, and wonderful food.

Walter and I had gone out for some incredible tapas and the combination of great good and even better wine had made us horny.

Granted, I don’t need much encouragement, but good food and drink are always an excellent start.

Walter set his now-empty wine glass down and looked down and away as he thought of something.

His smile was the result of something more than a good buzz from the wine.

“I’ve seen that look before,” I said.

“What are you planning?” His finger traced the rim of his glass.

“I was thinking we should try to find another strip club.”

For a moment, I forgot about the spoonful of to-die-for flan I was eating. “Like the one in Madrid?”

He somehow grinned wider. “Exactly like the one in Madrid.”

Walter called for the check and a limo, and I finished that amazing flan.

Naughty Erotica Barcelona | Naughty Travels

The limo arrived by the time Walter had paid our bill.

We headed outside to find the limo driver standing outside the car with the back door open for us.

I didn’t get in at first. I was too busy looking at him.

He was damn handsome, with almost a shy smile.

He brought his right index and middle fingers to his temple in a little salute as I walked up to the car.

“Good evening, miss,” he said in his delightful accent. I could only giggle like a teenager who’d just been acknowledged by the popular boy at school.

I finally managed to offer a handshake. He held it like we were dancing.

I blurted out my name before his dark chocolate eyes made me forget it.

“Patricio,” he said. I giggled some more. “Where am I taking you?”

I wanted to say, “Your face,” but Walter popped up through the sunroof like a jack-in-the-box.

“What’s the hold-up?” He asked. He held up a bottle of champagne like a general’s sword. “To the strip club!”

Patricio took us on a short drive through the city and pointed out some good restaurants and shops and places that were just beautiful to see.

I wondered if there was a way to get him to take me to some of these places, even if for just a half-hour.

Naughty Erotica Barcelona | Naughty Travels

We ended up outside a place that didn’t look all that different from strip clubs in the United States.

It was a simple building next to a hotel that seemed to be more charming than smarmy.

The club had silhouettes of naked women decorating the exterior walls and a flashing neon sign that somehow fit with the exotic colors of the city.

Inside, it was a normal strip club with a booming sound system manned by a DJ that was so stereotypical I had to double-check to make sure we hadn’t wandered onto a movie set.

He had pierced ears, a sleeveless Lycra shirt to show off his tattoos, and a pencil-thin beard and goatee that did him no favors.

He even had the typical over-the-top dialogue with the crowd, but only in Spanish.

The house music he was playing was not what I would’ve chosen. I wouldn’t have chosen any house music if I was spinning in that booth.

I’d have laid down some sexy Arabic music to get those booties shaking. Besides, ever since I’d met Patricio I was in the mood for something made for grinding.

Luckily for Walter and me, the girls at this club were more than willing to oblige in a lot of grinding - naked grinding at that.

We found a table that would give us a nice view of the place and wasn’t so close to the speakers that DJ Typical would deafen us.

"Is she on the menu!?"

The girls at this place were all pretty and they were in every shape and look you wanted.

There were girls as thin as super models, fit as gymnasts, and curvy as retro pin-up girls.

A waitress, who was sexy enough to be a dancer, stopped at our table to take our drink order.

Walter ordered a beer, I asked for a Mandrin and Sprite.

“How does this place work?” I asked in French, hoping she spoke it.

Most people in Europe speak two or three languages. My Spanish is non-existent, but I can converse in French.

She could, too. “You pay the girls money to dance for you, or to take them with you.”

Walter liked this idea, and I was so horny from meeting Patricio that I was game for almost anything.

“So we can take them home with us?” Walter asked after I’d translated. “Home” for us meant the Arts Hotel.

“It seems so,” I said, already scouting the floor for someone who caught my eye.

“Then I don’t know why we’re still here,” Walter said.

He jutted his thumb at our waitress. “Is she on the menu?”

Naughty Erotica Barcelona | Naughty Travels

She laughed at the offer, but not because she found either of us unattractive. She laughed because she was surprised by the offer, which only made her sexier.

She said she couldn’t get off work, but I told her where we were staying and invited her to stop by while we were in town.

She left to get our drinks and Walter kept scanning the stages and the floor for someone he liked. There was too much to choose from, so I sat back and decided to let the girls come to me.

Walter got up and made a bee line for a woman with nice, big, natural tits and dark hair that tickled down to her butt.

Walter reached out to her as she walked by in her black teddy and ankle boots.

She stopped and sized him up. She wasn’t a typical stripper. She had a strong energy that even I noticed from several feet away.

I figured she might’ve been a dominatrix or was used to men wanting her, so she made sure to take what she wanted when she wanted it.

She smiled at Walter and I could see him relax.

There was a sweet Spanish voice to my right. The body from which it came was just as delightful.

Naughty Erotica Barcelona | Naughty Travels

She wore leather cowgirl pants cut so low that I could almost see her pubic bone.

Apart from her cowgirl boots, she had nothing else on but the little star-decorated ties holding her chestnut brown hair in two pigtails.

She had great curves and pretty tits.

I wanted to pull her on my lap and suck on them as soon as I saw her. She said something else in Spanish and then did a little dance.

“Are you asking me if I want a dance?” I asked in French.

“Oui,” she said. “I hope I can dance for you.” She struggled a little bit with her French, but that just made me find her more attractive.

“Can you do more?” I asked.

She didn’t verbally answer. She just grinned, sat on my lap, and stuck her tongue in my ear.

Walter came back to the table with Senorita Exotica and pulled a chair from the table for her.

She locked eyes with me and I wondered if she saw me as an annoyance, a threat, or a tasty treat.

Walter was too busy grinning to notice the electricity humming all around us.

“This is Maria,” he said.

“We’d like to take you two out for some fun,” Walter said.
“What kind of fun?” Maria asked.

I had no way of knowing if it was her real name, but it was a good choice either way - the name of the Blessed Virgin given to, or chosen by, a raven-haired beauty who looked like she could order men to clean her boots or scrub her floors.

“This is Marta,” I said as I introduced my frisky cowgirl who was by now feeling me up and nibbling on my neck.

Walter signaled for our waitress.

She came back to the table and seemed to size up our choices.

I thought I saw her nod in approval, but she might’ve been nodding as she took our drink orders.

Walter ordered another beer, I ordered another Mandrin and Sprite, Maria ordered red wine, and Marta ordered a shot of whiskey.

“We’d like to take you two out for some fun,” Walter said.

“What kind of fun?” Maria asked in deliberate English that seemed laced with a bit of apprehension.

“Whatever you would like,” he said. “We thought we might have our own party at the hotel.”

Maria pointed toward the east wall of the club. “This?”

Naughty Travels: Barcelona | Naughty Travels

Walter didn’t know what she meant. I told her in French that we were staying at the Arts Hotel and would like to take her and Marta there.

“We can also go to the hotel next door,” Marta said to me in English as she pointed toward the east wall.

“I’d rather go back to the Arts,” Walter said.

“We’d have a little more privacy.”

The waitress brought our drinks. Marta dipped two fingers into her whiskey, wiped them on my neck, and then licked my neck clean.

“We can go,” Maria said, “but it will cost.”

“I would love to see the Arts Hotel,” Marta whispered in French as she bit my earlobe. “I have never been there.”

I was going to fuck her right there in the club if we didn’t move soon. “Walter, let’s pay their fee and get out of here,” I said.

Walter paid the club for the girls while they went backstage to get their clothes.

I debated running to the restroom and rubbing one out while we waited on them, but I kept myself in check.

They soon returned and we headed out to the limo.

Patricio opened the door for us and I had made up my mind to kiss that sexy smile off his face.

Naughty Travels: Barcelona | Naughty Travels

I took a half-step toward him, but Marta grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the limo.

She was all over me in seconds. Her hands were up my shirt and her mouth was on my neck and shoulder.

She finally gave me a hot kiss and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. Her excitement and urgency just made me hornier.

She fought with my summer dress so I pulled it up for her. Her fingers found my clit and I yelped as a quick shock hit me.

I held onto her shoulder and one of the limo’s head rests while she fucked me hard and fast with two fingers.

I caught glimpse of Walter and Maria enjoying the show. They both held glasses of champagne and caressed each other’s thigh.

Sometimes there’s nothing hotter than having an audience and knowing they’re getting off on your pleasure.

“You feel so good,” Marta said in breathy French. “Your pussy is so nice, so wet. May I taste it?”

“Oui, oui, oui,” I said in short bursts.

She moved to the floor quick as a cat and I came almost as soon as her mouth was on me.

She held my lips apart with her thumbs
and fucked me with her face!

She held my lips apart with her thumbs and fucked me with her face like she knew we were going to be in a car crash in a few seconds.

I opened my heavy eyelids to see Walter on his knees, pants open, fucking Marta from behind.

Marta’s pants were balled up around her ankles. Maria continued watching the show.

She’d put down her champagne so she could play with her nipple and suck on her fingertips.

Walter held Marta by the hips and was moving in her with long, deep strokes. I saw his forearms ball up. Maria heard his rising groans.

She moved off the seat just in time.

Walter pulled out of Marta and had probably planned to come all over her nice, round ass, but Maria surprised him by wrapping her mouth around his cock.

His eyes popped open and he braced his hands on the ceiling to keep from falling over as he blasted into Maria’s mouth.

She didn’t lose a drop. She sat back and washed it down with the rest of her champagne.

We almost fell out of the limo once we got to the hotel.

We were so tipsy, horny, and (in my case) weak-kneed from coming that we caused a bit of a scene in front of the hotel.

Naughty Travels: Barcelona | Naughty Travels

Some other hotel guests and travelers I can only describe as “stuck-up Old Money people” gave us disapproving looks as we ran laughing into the lobby.

We were all over each other in the elevator, and I got to kiss Maria for the first time.

It was different than kissing Marta.

Kissing my cowgirl was wild and passionate. Kissing Maria was exotic and a bit hypnotizing, like every kiss promised something else.

We must’ve looked like four drunks moving down the hall to our executive suite.

We were so busy kissing, groping, and fondling each other that we were stumbling, bumping into each other, and almost tripping to the floor.

Walter got the door open and Marta stopped in mid-grope to stand in awe of the view.

It was a gorgeous suite. The Arts Hotel is luxurious and the staff is always great. I highly recommend it.

Our suite was two floors and overlooked the ocean.

The white and silver furniture helped bounce sunlight everywhere during the day, and it seemed to glow in the dark on nights like the night Maria and Marta played with us.

Marta pulled me by the hand upstairs to get an even better view of the coastline. I happily followed her, knowing our massive bed and my dildo were up there.

"I wished I had a cock right about then,
and then remembered I did."

We stopped in front of one of the big windows. Marta sighed as she looked out to the ocean and for a moment I think she forgot about me, Walter, and Maria.

Even though it was dark, you could still make out the beach and you could see the little dots of ship lights miles out on the ocean.

I stroked her arm, trying to urge her back to the bedroom with us. Walter and Maria were already there and stripping their clothes like they were on fire.

She turned to me and put a big, happy kiss on my mouth.

I wrapped my arms around her and we stood in front of that big window for a few minutes just kissing and touching each other.

It was delightful. After a while her hand drifted from my waist to my ass and I pushed her shirt off her.

I motioned with my head toward the bedroom. “I have something for you in there.”

“Show me,” she said. I pulled her into the bedroom. Walter and Maria were buck naked and on the bed.

They were locked in a hot kiss and she was jacking his cock up to full strength. I wanted to wiggle in between them, but I wanted to fuck Marta even more.

I turned a big plush chair so its back faced the bed. I wanted to be able to watch Maria and Walter fucking while I fucked Marta.

Naughty Travels: Barcelona | Naughty Travels

I pushed Marta into the chair and she got naked while I slipped out of my summer dress and then dug into my suitcase.

I found my pink silicone dildo and even squeezing it in my hands made me shudder.

She sat up in excitement when she saw me approaching with it. She jumped from the chair as soon as I was close enough to grab.

She yanked the dildo from my hands and pushed me onto my knees in the chair despite me protesting and telling her I wanted to fuck her.

She either didn’t care or she was patient, because she wasted no time in filling my pussy with two fingers while she rubbed the dildo on my clit.

I clenched the back of the chair and let her fuck me. She pulled out her fingers and then stuck them in my mouth and filled my pussy with the dildo at the same time.

The double-fuck almost sent me over the edge. She worked me with that dildo almost like it was strapped to her.

There were a couple moments when I thought we were going to tip over the chair. Her hand disappeared from my mouth and gave me a quick spank.

Naughty Travels: Barcelona | Naughty Travels

I laughed as she rubbed my ass and then gasped when I felt her tongue on my clit. She’d sat with her back to the chair and pulled me down onto her face as she kept fucking me with that toy cock.

In the meantime, Maria was deep-throating Walter. His cock would disappear into her mouth, sometimes pushing out her cheek, then reappear when she needed to take a breath and leave him a saliva-covered mess.

It was so damn hot that I would’ve been fucking myself if Marta hadn’t been doing such a good job of it.

Once he was so slippery that he looked like she’d covered him in lube, she climbed onto him and reached back to guide him into her. I had a great view of her bouncing on his nice cock.

She scratched his chest and growled Spanish at the ceiling.

Her long hair whipped back and forth and at one point formed a curtain over their faces while he asked her if she liked “fucking that big cock.”

I soaked that dildo with come and almost fell out of the chair while doing it.

I managed to turn around and actually sit in the chair.

Marta was on her knees in front of me, sucking on the dildo and grinning at me like she’d just been caught with cigarettes behind the church rectory.

Naughty Travels: Barcelona | Naughty Travels

I pounced on her. She laughed as I pushed her to the carpet and finally got my mouth on those nice tits of hers.

I sucked, bit, and licked on them so much that I forgot about Walter and Maria for a few minutes.

I rubbed Marta’s clit and slid a finger into her warm pussy. It felt great in there.

I wished I had a cock right about then, and then remembered I did.

She was nodding and begging as I dragged the dildo down her tummy and over her pubic bone. She let out a loud squeal as I pushed it into her.

She held my head and locked eyes with me as I started fucking her. Her playful nature was gone.

Her eyes were deadly serious and said, “You’d better fuck me hard and well, or there’s going to be trouble.”

I had her clawing at the carpet and arching up from the floor in a couple minutes. I clamped my mouth over her clit and she slapped her hand onto the back of my head to hold me there as she came.

It was beautiful to see, and even better to taste.

Marta and I seemed to get hornier with each orgasm, so we moved to the bed to join Walter and Maria.

They’d rolled over and he was holding the edge of the mattress while he fucked her.

Marta was having a blast riding Walter’s cock!

Marta squeezed his ass to get his attention. They kissed and he rolled off Maria so he could pull Marta on top of him.

I decided to be naughty and dove into Maria’s well-fucked pussy with my tongue. There’s something wild, naughty, and exotic about eating a pussy that’s just been fucked.

Maria shivered as my tongue worked over her and she kept encouraging me in both Spanish and English to not stop licking her.

Marta was having a blast riding Walter’s cock.

She kept pawing at us until Maria got the hint. She got on her knees and fed Marta her tits.

I got on the other side of Walter’s head and let Marta have a taste of mine, too.

Walter, however, wanted a taste of me, so he pulled me onto his face and ate my wet pussy while Marta fucked him.

I was a bit lost in all the mouths, arms, legs, and tits so I didn’t notice Marta had slid off Walter until she was pulling my head down to his sticky cock.

Walter and I sixty-nined while Maria and Marta played with my ass. One of them wiggled a finger into me and they both spanked me for a little bit until I was squealing and about to come again.

I wanted to come, but I wanted to do it on one of them. Walter’s cock was there in my mouth and hand, so it seemed like a natural choice.

I moved down his body until I was on top of him in reverse cowgirl.

Naughty Travels: Barcelona | Naughty Travels

My own cowgirl, Marta, was to my left, Maria was on my right, and both were sucking my tits while I bounced on Walter.

Maria rubbed my clit just a few times and that was all it took to send me over the cliff.

I grunted and slammed down onto Walter’s cock so hard I felt him jerk away from me.

I bounced off him as the second wave of the orgasm hit me. I fell back on top of him as he came on my belly.

I could feel Maria and Marta rubbing their tits on my tummy, getting them slippery with Walter’s come.

Walter came so hard that I think he would’ve slid off the bed if he didn’t have three women holding him down on it.

They stayed with us for a few more hours. Marta spent most of the time curled around me as close as a tattoo and asking me to try all these fun things with her.

She even invited me to go out shopping with her the next day. I quickly agreed, happy to have a gal pal even for only a day in Barcelona.

They eventually had to get back to the club, so we had Patricio take them back after we gave them a nice tip and I gave Marta my number.

I slept like a baby that night.

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