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September - 2017
Naughty San Francisco Book Launch
News Date: 16-Sep-2017
Naughty San Francisco Book Launch  | Naughty Travel Guide

Naughty San Francisco Book Launch

I had a successful book launch this weekend in San Francisco for my 5th book "Naughty Guide to San Francisco."

It was an intimate book launch party with only 12 guests but still a good time as I was able to talk to everyone more and not feel overwhelmed which was nice for a change.

I posted on SF meetup groups as I didn't know anyone in SF to invite...so was happy that anyone showed up! We all met at The Armory Club which is a gorgeous fetish themed bar.

We stayed there from 8pm - 10pm, then we all got in an Uber and headed over to DNA lounge where they had boylesque performances...and we all shared a VIP table with bottle service. It was a great night!

July - 2017
World Burlesque Games 2017
News Date: 11-Jul-2017
World Burlesque Games 2017 | Naughty Travel Guide

World Burlesque Games 2017

By: World Burlesque Games

November 3-4-5 @ Shaw Theatre

110 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2AJ

Europe's largest and most prestigious competing burlesque event returns for 3 exclusive nights at London's historic Shaw Theatre in King's Cross.

From classic to new, cutting edge PERFORMANCES, witness the absolute Best Burlesque artists battle it out for reign supreme.

Full details coming soon...

Early Bird Tickets HERE

*50% off with code 'ROYAL'*

June - 2017
Snctm Masquerade in August
News Date: 30-Jun-2017
Snctm Masquerade | Naughty Travel Guide

Snctm Masquerade

By: Snctm

Snctm presents the Masquerade in an opulent private Hamptons residence on August 5 .

This special black tie event will be an indulgent feast for the senses, limited to only 99 guests.

The sexiest, most exclusive soirée of the summer will sell out far in advance.

We invite our current members and approved guests for the first chance to reserve a table, or purchase tickets.

Ladies guest list for Masquerade quickly reaches capacity.

If you haven’t already, get your application filled out in advance.

Provided you meet our criteria, you will be contacted with information to attend.

We look forward to sharing this incredible evening with you.

Naughty Guide to San Diego Book Launch
News Date: 29-Jun-2017
Naughty Guide to San Diego | Naughty Travel Guide

Naughty Guide to San Diego Book Launch

By: Sienna Sinclaire

My "Naughty Guide to San Diego" was released earlier this year, 2017, as an ebook. I decided to have a book launch party for it in San Diego. I didn't know anyone in LA so I invited people from my Naughty LA group in LA, along with posting on other meetups in San Diego to get people to come out.

I had a great turn out of about 50 people. The book launch party took place at Bar 207 inside the Hard Rock Hotel. I had a huge VIP area where guests received free drinks, free Naughty LA tote bag along with my Las Vegas and San Diego books.

I decided to wear my showgirl costume, from my Las Vegas book launch. And glad I did as it was a big hit! We had a great crowd of people show up with tons of beautiful women.

The venue was perfect and everyone had an amazing time. To find out when my next book launch party will be for upcoming books, make sure to signup for my newsletter.

Naughty Walking Tour San Diego
News Date: 20-Jun-2017
Naughty Walking Tour San Diego | Naughty Travel Guide

Naughty Walking Tour San Diego

By: Sienna Sinclaire

I offered a free naughty walking tour in the Gaslamp District of San Diego for my Naughty Guide to San Diego book launch. I headed to San Diego for the weekend where I stayed at the Hard Rock hotel, right outside of the Gaslamp sign, making easy to get to my tour.

The tour was on Saturday at 1pm. There were about 25 people who showed up to attend my walking tour. The tour lasted over an hour, where we walked about 15 blocks total.

I took people back to the late 1800s of San Diego's naughty side. I wore a saloon girl dress of the 1800s. I showed guests old brothels in the heart of San Diego. After the tour, we ended up at an old brothel where we mingled over drinks.

But I couldn't stay too long, as I had my Book Launch Party later that night that I needed to attend too along with changing into my showgirl outfit.

May - 2017
Kinky Travel Spots for Swingers
News Date: 13-May-2017
Kinky Travel Spots for Swingers | Naughty Travel Guide

The kinky travel spots
where swingers go to get it on

By: New York Post

The French are famously frisky. Carnality is so embedded in the culture that affairs are almost de rigueur for politicians (start your engine, Le Pen). The country’s awash in swing clubs, parties, and resorts. There’s even a town called Cap d’Agde, where wearing clothing is frowned upon.

So France is a fitting place for swinging couple Bruno and Sandra Mazaferro to open a campsite for swingers — the country’s third such location, according to the Connexion.

At the randy retreat, Le Diamant Noir, naughty games and “muscle awareness water aerobics” get juices flowing. Nightly parties take place where underwear is deemed optional and cuddle corners attract lovers of the great outdoors as well as other people’s spouses. There are “Eyes Wide Shut” bashes and plenty of opportunities for sexual mingling.

As Bruno told the Daily Mail, the point of his operation is to make swinging vacations accessible to everyone (Cap d’Agde and its ilk can get expensive). Hence, day passes are available, overnight stays start at $32 and you can rent a camper or bring a tent.

France isn’t the only option for couples who want to get it on during their getaway. At La Mirage Swingers Complex in Spain, condoms get handed out as freely as pillow mints. Copacabana Hotel & Suites in Costa Rica has two pools — one clothing-optional, the other mandatorily nude — and theme nights with names like Wet and Wild. Guests at Desire Resort & Spa, in Mexico, have been known to make sexy time in the nudity-preferred nightclub.

What is it like to actually indulge in a swinger’s vacation? According to a blogger who writes under the name LadyDeeNSarge, it’s anything but boring: “Nightly booty showcases — aka theme nights — are truly ‘pleasure-able’ events. Lingerie, masks, feathers, body stockings, leather — whatever the theme is for the night, you can bet its [sic] gonna be HOT hot HOT. I’m ready to participate, goodbye inhibitions, hello inner freak!”

Read the article here!

April - 2017
Luxury Swingers Lifestyle Puerto Vallarta 2017
News Date: 21-Apr-2017
Luxury Swingers Lifestyle 2017 | Naughty Travel Guide

Luxury Swingers Lifestyle
Puerto Vallarta 2017

This event is taking place Oct 14-21, 2017.

A full takeover event we are transforming the entire place as a lifestyle resort meaning the pools, Jacuzzi are clothing optional. The hours of the bars and restaurants are adapted to cater our group. In addition we are bringing live performers, International DJ's, a production company to set up the club/disco, foam party, playrooms etc.

The takeover of Puerto Vallarta, is already synonymous with sexuality, sensuality and extreme fun. The third edition of PV, will be no different, It will be the meeting place for 200 of the sexiest couples in the Lifestyle. PV have been so popular, that Playboy Radio will be broadcasting live from PV 2017. And it is that PV in a short time has established itself as the world's sexiest Takeover.

For more info please visit the website and reservations!

March - 2017
Snctm World Tour 2017
News Date: 22-Mar-2017
Snctm World Tour 2017 | Naughty Travel Guide

Snctm World Tour in Cannes, France
May 26th, 2017

We are excited to officially announce the most exclusive, sexy parties at the Cannes Film Festival will be Snctm Soirées! Friday, May 26 is our Private Yacht Soirée.

On an independently owned luxury vessel docked in the center of the festivities, we set off on an excursion that will be one off our most exclusive and sexually charged experiences to date.

We are allowing a very limited number of yacht tickets sold, with the remaining availability invite only for actors and models.

May 27 is the Snctm Masquerade. In a breathtaking clandestine location, with the film festival celebration in full swing, our black tie erotic event will be the most coveted party ticket in Cannes.

Reserve your place now, as events will sell out in advance. We absolutely cannot wait for these incredible gatherings, only a few months away. See you in Cannes!🗝


At the Masquerade you step into a world of intrigue and sensuality. Gentlemen are in Classic Tuxedo with Black Bowtie, while ladies are elegantly dressed in Evening Wear or Lingerie. Everyone enters wearing a Mask.

Together, sightings and indulgences of an erotic nature are experienced. After purchase, you shall receive further instructions by email including the Lion’s Den password for clandestine address.

These Snctm Soirées are limited to only 99 attendees and take place from 10 PM to 3 AM.

~Guest Access

Includes Open Premium Bar and our fabled Erotic Theater.

~VIP Table Service

Includes Private Show for your table performed by our Devotees for your personal indulgence, reserved seating with best view of our Erotic Theater and unlimited ultra-premium bottles of your choice.

~Private Yacht Soirée

On an independently owned Luxury Vessel docked in the center of the Cannes Film Festival, we set off on an Exclusive and Sexually Charged excursion.

We allow a very limited number of Yacht tickets sold, with remaining availability invite only for actors and models.

Accessories purchased will be available with security at check-in. Guests not in proper attire will be denied entry without refund.

See our Etiquette page for further regulations.

For more info please visit the website and tickets! Click here for more

DEVOURED Experiential Dinner Party
News Date: 17-Mar-2017
DEVOURED Experiential Dinner Party | Naughty Travel Guide

Experiential Dinner Party 2017

Playfully tantalizing all five senses this event goes far beyond just another singles' event. With each exquisite course comes a full immersion of the senses with dazzling eye candy including the wait staff, aerial artists (other surprise guests). The artistic presentation of the courses, a truly “blind,” aroma-enhanced wine tasting experience, playful ways to get to know others, DJed music and where every bite is designed to titillate your taste buds.

On Thursday May 4th, you are invited to join us for an experience to be remembered and savored.

Extra Special Value for ALL ATTENDEES: With the purchase of your ticket, you will be eligible to be a part of both Joy of Romance's Matchmaking Database and Sparx Matchmaking Database, which will then be expanded to five other Bay Area matchmaker's databases, this includes a personalized profile analysis and two personality quizzes. This alone is a $500+ value.

The room will be evenly mixed with men and women. If ticket sales of one gender increase a waitlist will be created on the other gender’s list until the two are balanced again. If we have no show attendees For a VIP Experience, which includes a tour of the historical and alluring Armory and a goodie bag, VIP tickets are $50 more per ticket.

This is by no means a swingers’ event.

No Refunds. No Exceptions. No Late Arrivals. Age 21 & Older.


MAY 4, 2017 at 7pm-11pm
The San Francisco Armory's Exclusive 4th Floor 1800 Mission St in San Francisco
TICKETS: $92-$237




MAY 6, 2017 at 7pm-11pm
The San Francisco Armory's Exclusive 4th Floor 1800 Mission St in San Francisco
TICKETS: $167-$269


January - 2017
London Burlesque Festival 2017
News Date: 24-Jan-2017
London Burlesque Festival 2017 | Naughty Travel Guide

London Burlesque Festival 2017

Founded by the internationally acclaimed producer and burlesque pioneer, Chaz Royal, London Burlesque Festival acts as a centre stage for the world's finest performers, raising the global profile of burlesque and quickly establishing itself as the most prestigious event in the international burlesque calendar.

​ With a packed schedule of high profile events, celebrity following and a loyal and rapidly expanding fan base, Chaz Royal's London Burlesque Festival showcases the most eclectic and diverse acts in burlesque - pushing the boundaries of the art of the strip and the tease to the max and delivering the electric atmosphere of an unbeatable night out. ​

"The London audience is a mix of regular cabaret enthusiasts and curious newcomers, who appreciate the finest in burlesque performers as well as sheer glamour and tastefully risqué entertainment. We help develop the most talented new and established performers, right through from the avant garde to erotic, sexy circus artists, exposing them to an international stage and the acclaim of diverse audiences. It's the biggest and best burlesque event in terms of performers and spectators ever to be brought to England's great capital city. London Burlesque Festival is full of colour, panache and excitement and is simply the greatest showcase of international burlesque talent on Earth."

The burlesque revival (beginning in the early 1990's) has swept through the UK, central Europe and North America, breaking out of trend-setting circles and influencing mainstream culture through fashion, music and entertainment.

Bursting onto the front covers of magazines and propelling names such as Dita Von Teese and Chaz Royal onto the international celebrity scene, burlesque has made a glamorous and lasting impression on the cultural landscape.

Bringing glitter, glamour and tease - this hugely popular and exciting art of the strip and the tease has reignited the demand for alternative entertainment and burgeoned into a global industry. ​


MAY 18-28 | Various Venues, London, VIP 11 DAY TICKET $209.00



MAY 18-28 | Various Venues, London, GENERAL ADMISSION 11 DAY TICKET $159.00



MAY 18-28 | Various Venues, London, 50% off various Burlesque acts Ticket using code ROYAL



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