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Naughty Guide to St. Barths
Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels
Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Naughty Guide to St. Barths

A designated playground for the rich and famous, and winter home for the international jet set.

St. Barths is a small volcanic island surrounded by enchanting shallow reefs, million dollar yachts and crystal blue waters that drip with the promise of adventure and the ultimate experience in relaxation.

Originally a French collective, the language, culture and cuisine are distinctly French, with the obvious influence of the indigenous West Indies culture that once thrived here.

While the dominant language is French, the tourism trade has made English an easily accessible language, with many of St. Barths inhabitants fluent in both languages.

While the Maldives are my favorite islands to visit, St. Barths ranks as my second favorite island destination, with its proliferation of local charm, color and genuine friendliness.

The locals are quick to get to know you, often recognizing you immediately the next day.

This is a fabulous place to experience the best and most decadent aspects of European Culture without ever having to visit Europe.

The food, nightlife, openness to culture, sex and nudity, make it a formidable destination for the celebrity, jet set scene that flock here in droves year round.

This openness, while retaining an air of privacy and courtesy, is perhaps what makes St. Barths so unique, separating it from the other Caribbean Islands.

Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Topless Pools and Nude Beaches

There are a proliferation of pools and all of them are topless (if you choose to take your top off).

Almost all of the hotels not the island with beach access will allow visitors to use the pool if you’re coming for drinks, lunch, sun bathing or general relaxation in the “day outing” sense.

Don’t be shy! Get out and explore all of the wonderful and exotic swimming locales the island has in store!

Nudity is allowed but only on “private” beaches, which are usually well hidden.

Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels


Vanita Rosa
Rue Oscar || - Gustavia

Vanita Rosa is the creation of celebrated French model and fashion photographer Valerie Bourdin.

With designs and textures inspired by the island itself, Vanita Rosa has a huge range of unique and expressive pieces which include dresses, tops and shorts.

This is also a fantastic place to find sexy cover ups or that perfect silk dress for a night out!

Elegant and chic, Vanita Rosa uses only the finest fabrics available for their clothing, making sure that every stylish outfit is also one of the most comfortable as well as perfect for your island getaway!


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

L Joy
Gustavia Harbor

This beautiful, high-end retail store located in Gustavia Harbor is an absolute must to stop by on your shopping journey through St. Barths.

With beautiful beach cover ups and tops by Taj and fabulous bags and sparkle flip flops by Mystic, who would want to miss this great shopping experience!

The sales staff are relaxed and friendly, offering great advice on what to get and how to wear it. L Joy is a real hidden gem of the island!


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Lolita Jaca

Located in the heart of Downtown Gustvia, Lolita Jaca is a brilliant fusion of bohemian spirit, high-end materials and fabrics, unique designs and one of a kind prints which will have you feeling stylish, elegant and chic in no time flat.

This is the perfect place to find that sexy outfit for those naughty nights out in St. Barths.


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Slute à Gustavia

Located in Gustavia Libertine sells a fantastic variety of lingerie, beachwear and sex toys, including a small but fabulous selection of dildos, vibrations and whips.

The sex toys are located all the way in the back, so be sure not to miss them! Libertine is a great place to find naughty lingerie and their selection includes many of the major designers we’ve come to love and respect.

Stop by Libertine and check it out if you need to find something sexy and naughty to surprise your lover with, you won't be disappointed.


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Villa Crèote - Saint Jean

This beautiful, little French Boutique sells a wonderful selection of swimwear, lingerie, dresses and accessories, all of which are geared and suited to the island lifestyle.

A touch of elegance, a touch of the modern bohemian and you get the picture of what Llena is about.

Sleek, naughty swimsuits and sparkly, earth toned sandals, jewelry and so much more await your perusal at this hidden treasure on St. Barths.

Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Erotic Art

Clic Bookstore and Gallery
Rue de la Republique - Gustavia

This is the naughtiest bookstore on the island with a fabulous selection of limited edition books celebrating erotic nudes, as well as beautiful prints to take home and hang on your wall.

Plus, many local artists display their work here including the talented, celebrity photographer Jean-Philipe Piter, who’s well known for his photos of erotic nudes.

He is also the publisher of Pure, the naughtiest magazine on the island! You can't miss it as it’s always the one with the beautiful, naked girl on the cover!


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Jean-Philippe Piter

He’s available for private shoots. Just email or call him and he gets back to you right away, even going as far as meeting with you to help you become more comfortable and to learn what kind of pictures you want.

He will even take you to the various beaches that he feels get the highest quality beach photos.

He also has access to gorgeous villa’s with a beautiful, sexy pool to shoot in. This is definitely a great souvenir gift to take home with you!

Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Nightclubs and Restaurants

Centre Vaval - St. Jean Gustavia

Walking into Modjo’s feels like stepping into the movie Dirty Dancing when Baby is carrying the watermelon into the staff’s nightclub area and she sees them getting down with their naughty, dirty dancing.

She looks at them in such awe and wants so badly to be part of the crowd.

The same thing happens when you walk into Modjo’s as you instantly want to be a part of what they are offering…something different and cool.

This is one of the newest nightclubs on the island and one of the best in my opinion.

If you’re tired of the same old thump, thump house music then this is the perfect venue, as they play great music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and some current.

Plus, it’s a bit of an older crowd, 30 and up, separating it from the youngsters of the house music generation. A great place to unwind and let the good times roll!


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Rue Lubin Brin, Gustavia

One of the best and sexiest restaurants in St. Barth’s, as soon as you walk into the place there’s a store to the left that sells ‘barely there’ dresses for those hot nights out on the island.

You can’t help but notice the energy of the place once you step inside. The DJ spins lounge music but mixes it up later in the night with 70s, 80s, 90s music.

If you’re jet lagged and looking for a place to stimulate and wake up all your senses then head to Bonito.

The sheer energy of the place will keep you awake and energized to head out afterwards!

The seats are cozy with gorgeous views of the harbor, beautiful people all around you and some of the finest food on the island.

The first time I went, I ended up going back the next night as there were so many options on the menu!

Plus, Bonito is the only place open late sometimes on the island.

Try some of their speciality drinks such as the Porn Star or Porn King, if only to feel like one for the night! The Porn Star drink was my favorite!


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Le Ti
Pointe Milou, Anse de Lorient

The only dinner and cabaret show on the island, this venue screams sexy with their red walls and red lighting.

Be sure to stay late, after the show, as the place gets really wild. It’s located just outside of downtown, near the Pointe Milou district.

The show starts at 10, so get there early to enjoy the bar and get a good seat before it gets too crowded.

Weekdays are best, as it’s not super packed! Even though there are fewer people it’s just as energetic and fun.

Make sure to check out their store before the show start! It’s the only ‘showgirl style’ store on the island with crystal bras, panties, garter belts and more.

Or you can wait to see what's inside the store, as there’s a fashion show before the cabaret show.

Roughly 10 minutes later the cabaret show starts with about 5 acts, including one male performance.

The last act includes audience participation, so the closer you are to the stage, the more likely they will grab you to join them on stage.

But this is all in the spirit of fun and the beginning of the after-party, when the locals come to join in.

If you’re here on a weekday and the place is happening, I would most definitely stay, as most places aren’t open this late on weekdays!


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Rue Samuel Fahlberg, Gustavia

Bagatelle is famous around the world in various, major cities and is well known as ‘the place to be.'

Located in downtown Gustavia, sitting on the pier, this is certainly the place to be seen in St. Barths!

Decked out in Bagatelle’s signature all white decor with epic chandeliers, this place is stylish AND gorgeous. Weekends are best, but also depending on the time of year, this place can get very packed.

Not being very big inside, the overflow spills outside on the patio and onto the pier.

You can eat dinner here but it’s really not known for its food, so I would suggest trying somewhere else to eat.

The venue turns in to a dance club around 11pm and goes well into the night.

Locals tend to arrive later in the evening as they get off of work, and it tends to be a younger crowd…30s and under.

The music is a mix between house and R&B. A great scene with beautiful people doing what they do; Having Wild and Sexy, Naughty Fun!


Naughty Guide to St. Barths | Naughty Travels

Le Yacht Club and The First Club
Rue Jeanne d’Arc, Gustavia

Le Yacht Club and The First Club are ‘two clubs in one experience’ located in Gustavia, just around the corner from Bagatelle on the pier.

The charming Le Yacht is located on the main floor with all-white decor.

Depending on the time of year and the weather, there is a luxuriously decadent patio where you can party into the wee hours of the night.

These two clubs are run by the same owners of Le Ti, so they have the same boutique shop available with sexy items to buy in case you get too hot dancing!

The First Club is located upstairs and provides a larger bottle service area with couches.

The decor could be a lot better especially with all the money coming in and out of here for bottle service.

The random couches reminded me of something that people found on the side of the road and then decided to use them for their frat house.

So, while I was a little disappointed with the decor, especially since the decor of the club below, and Le ti, is so sexy, with enough people in the venue you won’t even notice it late at night.

This place can get very crowded as it’s the only big nightclub on the island and has been around the longest.

Crowd tends to be well mixed depending on the time of year but still mostly young with music being predominately house and techno.

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