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May - 2019
Naughty Tango Adventure 2019
News Date: 04-May-2019
Naughty Tango | Naughty Travel Guide

Naughty Tango Adventure 2019

May 4th- 10th, 2019


Awaken the tango in you in a 7-day tango vacation in Buenos Aires What if I told you that you could:

• Reconnect to your sensuality
• Explore intimacy
• Become more confident at eye contact and flirting
• Gain life-changing awareness about your own relationships patterns
• Learn to walk in a new, sexy, “tango” way
• Have a tangasm!

And you could do all that while also having an amazing immersive vacation in the intoxicating Buenos Aires tango scene?

You say, God, that sounds amazing but I don’t know how to tango. Or I don’t know if I’m ready for the Buenos Aires milongas (where the tango addicts dance).

You don’t have to know how to tango. You can be a total beginner or have some tango or dance experience. You can be any age.

My transformative tango team of teachers and guides meet you exactly where you are in your tango journey to give you the support you need to take your first tango steps in Buenos Aires.

You will move out of your comfort zone, improve as a dancer (even if you never danced before) and discover what tango has to teach you for your confidence, posture, relationships, sensuality, masculinity and femininity, trust, boundaries, and connection to yourself.

I give you the coaching you need to bring tango’s lessons for life home for you through words and they help you learn these lessons through your body.

SO . . .come away with me and my team, and discover yourself through tango in a 7-day tango holiday in Buenos Aires! We’re waiting for you!

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